Our Process

How does The Scoville Group recruiting process work?

Five Key Steps to Finding the Right Candidate

Step 1
Discovery & Assessment

Company establishes a job order with specific job responsibilities, candidate characteristics, company culture and financial package.

Step 2
Sourcing the Talent

Review internal sources developed over the years and external sourcing, review the marketplace and pool of potential candidates, and pre-qualify OR source talent.

Step 3
Presenting and Qualifying the Candidate

Present a job opportunity to a candidate which is one of the most critical stages and this requires that the client’s image and message is clearly communicated to the marketplace and that the right impression is given to the candidate.

Step 4
Ranking and Presenting Back to the Client

Constantly qualify the candidates through an ongoing interview process. By conducting these interviews, the candidate’s own career goals are assessed to ensure a compatible match.

Step 5
The Company Counter Offer

Prepare the candidate for this but also prepare his client on how to reasonably handle and finesse this stage. Once the job is offered and the candidate accepts the offer, The Scoville Group continues to stay in touch with the client to make sure the candidate was a good fit.