Practice Areas

Food Service

We have been a leading “go to” search firm in Food Service since the mid 90’s. Our relentless efforts on difficult to fill searchs and hundreds of successful placements for Regional, Chain Account, and Executive leadership roles has seared a solid reputation for us among many Food Service elite around the USA. We have worked with both large, mid sized, and emerging food mfr’s in all markets. Our target is always to find both the right cultural fit and people who are hungry to excel and produce. We have deep roots and have attended the NRA (national restaurant assoc) show every year since 1995, as well as COEX, Pizza Expo, Fancy Food Show, Int’ Hotel/Motel Show and other regional distributor shows).


National Accounts

Our deep understanding of Food Service allows us to ask the right questions when taking a job order. We strive to know what our clients intentions and capabilities are before selecting candidates. National Account sales is different with every food mfr. and if you are developing proprietary/custom products for a chain, it’s vital to recruit talent that has had success in this area. We know the spectrum of companies that play in this field and who might be good targets for your company. If you are a branded food mfr, it is important to understand how you can leverage your manufacturing to drive chain sales. We investigate this with you.
Bottom line: we target National Account sales people in all markets and have an excellent track record of identifying a pool of talent for our clients to choose from.



Over the past 8 years, since about 2009, we have been placing high impact sales people in most US markets. From candidates who deeply connected at Kroger, Safeway, Ahold, Whole Foods, Target, Costco, Albertsons, and Walmart to candidates who are more focused on regional grocery chains. These candidates range from highly versatile broker managers who are engaged with their grocery account base at HQ level to Executive Sales Managers who oversee sales teams, develop strategic plans, and drive sales at major national chains. Depending on our clients needs, these candidates range from very specific account executives to people that run a large segment of the country.



In 1996, when The Scoville Group started in Red Bank, NJ a natural food market opened down the street from our office. From that day forward, myself and John Paul Deickmann never looked back and took a great interest in this segment. Both Rick and John Paul are consumers of organic foods and also have organic gardens. We started going to Expo East / Expo West and began recruiting for some growing branded Organic Food Mfr’s and have placed many sales people in this segment. Many of our clients have had us work on searchs for the East or West coast managing the Natural channels +chains like Sprout or Whole Foods, and distribution (Kehe, UNFI, etc). We have also placed Executive levels at some top branded mfr’s in the Organic arena.



As an IDDBA member and show dweller, we understand the dynamics of the Deli business. Whether your products are a HMR (home meal replacement), pre-sliced products, refridgerated deli, or behind the glass, we get it. This has been a segment that The Scoville Group has been involved in with meat processors, cheese processors, and other mfrs.



I would call this segment a peripheral arena for our group although we have been engaged by some branded companies and have no issues discussing the needs of future clients in the Specialty category. The same high quality, effective process applies to any search that we conduct. With clear communication from our clients, we will build a plan, and always execute with professionalism, enthusiasm, and clariry.